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ZenUI Safeguard includes the features SOS and Report Location.
SOS allows you to make an SOS call or send a preset SMS with your location information to your message group during emergencies by quick pressing the power button three times.
Report Location allows you to share your real time location to your contacts anytime. Just go to Quick Settings screen then turn on Report Location to start tracking your device\'s location and share the tracking link via SMS or other apps to your family and friends.
-Quickly make an SOS call and send an SMS message during emergencies
Report Location
-Share your real-time location with family and friends anytime
-Seek help quickly via an alarm or SOS call on the location-tracking notification
1. The appearance and operation of some features may vary, depending on your device
2. ZenUI Safeguard is a free app for ASUS devices with ZenUI 4.0. You will not be charged for downloading.
3. SOS feature may affect third-party apps that use power-button functions
4. GPS must be turned on to obtain your location. The accuracy of the reported location information may be influenced by your surroundings and the GPS reception of your device
5. Mobile data or a Wi-Fi network must be connected to update your location. Mobile data may incur additional charges depending on your service provider. If the network is unstable or has been disconnected, location information will not be sent
6. Because of the consideration for the transmission speed, photos will be uploaded to the Services in a reduced file size and the details of the photos may be diminished. The uploaded content will be automatically deleted after seven (7) days of the first uploaded location, without prior notice or consent

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